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Operational Security (OpSec)


Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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Old December 1st, 2010, 01:27   #16
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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
I do not believe that any TTPs or operational details that would compromise OpSec would present itself on Airsoft Canada, that's all. It's a lot of self-important masturbation to imply otherwise.

Just sayin'.
Sorry to beat the dead horse (it's stickied anyway)...

...but you'd be surprised at how much of it shows up on Facebook. This warning is perfectly reasonable.
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Old December 1st, 2010, 22:11   #17
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Like that Israeli soldier that posted photos of her making fun of prisoners or something like that
Originally Posted by rc_p120 View Post
Reality has a well known liberal bias.

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Old April 18th, 2011, 13:35   #18
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Lots of info to take in here...Just so I'm on the right page, the purpose of this thread is to give players a bit of "common sense/knowledge" when playing, on how to play safely and effectively, while not exposing real life in-use tactics. Am I close?

I understand the reasoning and purpose for OpSec, and fully appreciate its function. Although many tactics our armed forces use can be used in airsoft, it seems impractical to "brag" about the actual training going on, whatever it may be. I say this only because the rules we play by (ex, No blind firing) make these exact practices uselss, unless modified in some way to be able to excercise in game to be effective and conform to rules set.

I do hope some vets are able to give us some stories we can use to make our sport more effecient and enjoyable, but I believe nothing will serve this purpose better than good old hands on experience with a tightly bonded groups of friends who play together very often.

Looking forward to what this thread may bring, I see a lot of potential...hopefully no one makes a mess of it...
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