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Competitive shooting with long arms (anything that's not a holstered pistol)


Competitive & Practical Shooting

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Competitive shooting with long arms (anything that's not a holstered pistol)

I've had a couple of inquiries on this in the past couple of weeks, so I thought I'd put this answer up for more people to see, as there is a lot of interest in 2-gun and 3-gun competitions as well:

I was wondering if there are any rule sets around for Rifle Practical shooting.
There is a group of us out east who want to try and do some open matches with more than just pistols.
There are no internationally recognized rule sets available right now for airsoft-specific usage, but CAPS has adopted existing pistol rule sets with range safety in mind, and made them work with long guns. The same rules can be carried forward to any SMG/shotgun/bolt action as well.

Similar safety rules apply, as they do at all ranges:
- Gun unloaded when not being fired on the line

- When transporting gun from storage (rack) to firing line, muzzle always pointed up.

- A shooter should never be walking around the range with a magazine loaded and/or the hammer/firing pin cocked. Only when on the firing line and operating a course of fire, should a magazine be inserted and hammer cocked.

- When on the firing line and operating the course of fire, the muzzle must always stay within safe firing angles (rule of 90 for most ranges. At CAPS, we make it more strict, with a rule of 45. ie, the muzzle can not sweep more than 45 degrees away from the direction of fire. This gives a total freedom of movement of 90 degrees up/down, or left/right.)

- When operating the course of fire and a transition to secondary weapon is required, the weapon may be slung to hang pointing straight down to the ground, as long as the mechanical safety features are engaged.

- When operating the course of fire, and the long gun is required to be put down (either on a bench, floor, table, etc), the weapon must first be put in to a SAFE condition. ie, the magazine must be extracted, the charging handle must be racked at least once (to expel any chambered rounds - imitating live guns), the hammer must be dropped (by pulling the trigger), the mechanical safety features must be engaged (if possible - not possible in some models, ie GBB AR's or real AR's), and the weapon must be placed with the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

- All other range rules and range officer commands apply: Shooter, load and make ready. Shooter, if finished, unload and show clear. Shooter, hammer down and holster (transport long arm to storage.)

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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