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Naval Boarding Party



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Old December 14th, 2015, 10:58   #31
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To quote marpac admiral: it fit between the old boarding party and jtf2.

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Old January 26th, 2016, 02:40   #32
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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
No you didn't say takagari was dumb. You suggested he was apathetic about a person not knowing the difference or who made an error when choosing what spelling of their they were going to use. Suggesting that lack of spelling ability was somehow related to the "degradation of our culture and society."
In my interpretation you are linking lack of book smarts to lack of ability to he a good person or a productive member of society. Well I know plenty of smart people who are idiots and plenty of uneducated people who are sharp as a tack. The point is that someone picked on the person and was told why no one bit then you continued to try and degrade the person further. It, along with your trying to call me out as dumb because i didnt take the time to multi quote the whole line of conversation, speaks volumes to you character imo.
If you think lack of book smarts is what's wrong in this world you are sadly mistaken. Come hang out in the ghetto for a bit you'll find most of the people there to be quite smart, a lot of em were just dealt a crappy hand and they are hardly contributing to the degrading of society.
I'll restate that if you think their lack of book smarts is such a problem why not help educate them. Lobby your government to pay for schooling right through till college or university to help stop the "degradation of our culture and society."

Sorry OP hopefully this can continue as a productive thread.
Sorry, missed this when it was posted. You seem to be taking this pretty personally, so I'd be happy to reply and rebutt if you'd like.

"He resisted. I asked him to comply."
"Telling him to 'eat it, bitch' is not really a request."
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Originally Posted by R711 View Post
So, did JTF2 hand off the tasking of SOF coxswain?
JTF2 now trains the Enhanced Boarding Party which is a full time trade now recruited from the Navy mostly. They don't have a set name, were going by Maritime Tactical Operations Group (MTOG).
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