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Airsoft Multi Gun CQB Practical Shooting


Competitive & Practical Shooting

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Airsoft Multi Gun CQB Practical Shooting

Enjoy the link below for the promote video:

Action Air Canada

Introducing a new gaming concept

Airsoft Multi Gun CQB Practical Shooting

This is designed for all ages average shooters and higher (not for beginner for now).
It could be designed for “Fun Shooting” or for “Competition“.
Started with single shooter for now, in the future could add team, 2-men team or more.

This was an idea to combine CQB, basic practical shooting and partial IDPA rules, even apply real life situations, to create this game. If for a blind COF, not much info may give away as shooter has to make his own decision to engage target or not.

This could be a blind course or walk through course depends on the COF design.

Weapons needed:
Mandatory: Pistol with iron sight and minimum 3 magazines.
Secondly: Rifle with iron sight with minimum 2 magazines.
Optional: Shotgun with minimum 10 rounds.

Papers: Brown-Shoot and White-No shoot. *For special event and competition, may have graphic prints that based on the story line, could be armed robbery, terrorists, hostages, civilian, police officers etc etc.
Poppers: All has to be engaged.

It is only one shooter for now to start with, the shooter acts as a conceal carry civilian, with only one 10 round magazine carried. The other weapons and magazines will be hidden for you to look for. As this is partial IDPA rules, so make sure you have half body get covered during engaging and looking for targets, also complete body get covered when reloading magazine, remain magazine after used but not drop on the floor.

Upon signal, engage all papers and poppers, since you only has one 10 round magazine, you have to watch for you rounds count, look for spare magazines and weapons that someone left on the floor, to clear area and eliminate. Those magazine will not full loaded as it was used. Once you found spare magazine, retain in pouch. But when you found other weapon, holster your pistol and switch to use it right the way till you empty it, then drop it and switch back to pistol. After engaged all targets, hit the stop popper and done COF.

Penalty(optional game rules):
During engaging targets, you may miss and empty your magazine before you found next spare magazines and or weapons, you have to move forward, no going backward, and may past by standing targets that you have no ammo to engage them, that count as your hit one time, till you found spare mags and or weapons then you keep forward to engage. (no need to go back for missed targets as they are counted as MISS) If you keep on having 2 more time hits(total 3 hits), you lost one leg, means you have to drag one leg to walk(slow you down and keep your time run longer). till you done the whole COF.
Next level optional penalty rule is, after you lost your one leg, if you would have one more hit, then you would loss your one hand, means you drag your leg walking and single hand to shoot.

Popper hit = 1 point
Paper hit = 1 point
Hit hostage and civilian = minus 1 point
Miss = no point

Range Officer will follow shooter and remind what you need to do.

Let’s try it out and see!

Welcome any feed back and opinions, suggestions, thanks!
aka Uncle

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