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Welcome new and old members alike (Read this first)


Newbie Tank

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The Saint
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Cool Welcome new and old members alike (Read this first)

Hi newbies. Welcome to Airsoft Canada. Follow the rules (<-hint, that's a link to the rules), be respectful to your fellow members, and you'll learn about one of the greatest recreational activity of our time: airsoft.

This is where you want to ask your inexperience airsoft questions, because here, we will tolerate questions that's been asked before. To a degree.

Newbies, that doesn't mean if you already see your question being asked on the same page that you shouldn't try reading that first!

Posting questions with well document answers will lead to a prompt end of your thread, after a few rather succinct answers. For example, a thread asking about how to import guns from the US will be closed very quickly. You cannot and should not be trying to smuggle airsoft guns across the Canadian border, period.

Check the Frequently Asked Questions to save yourself time! Self-learning is power! Learn to learn yourself and you won't have to depend on others! Know that we are not obligated to answer your questions. We do so out of the kindness of our heart and will do so as quickly as our time and energy permits. Be patient, reasonable and respectful with us and we will return the favour in folds.

We'll also tolerate questions from minors here. Though kids be warned, there is a huge difference between a mature 17 year old with parental approval and a 12 year old who thinks the world owes him everything. I will not hesitate to put down anyone doing the internet equivalent of a temper tantrum.

Finally, for our "older" members, this is not a buffet for your flaming appetites. If you don't like newbie questions, stay the hell out. I will not hesitate to punish people who come in here for no other reason than their own flaming amusement. If you want to help newbies, please do and I salute your effort. Otherwise, find something better to do than be an internet drama queen.

Let's all try to get along for the future of Airsoft in Canada.
"The Bird of Hermes is My Name, Eating My Wings to Make Me Tame."

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