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LiPo Ready - Is My Rifle LiPo Ready? How can I tell?


Newbie Tank

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Originally Posted by Atomikdave View Post
If a 7.4 lipo has a discharge rate of 45C would it have more power than an 11.1v lipo with only a 20C rating?
It could potentially deliver more amperage continuously, but voltage is what sets the speed of your motor.

An 11.1 will always be faster than a 7.4, if they're both supplying proper current to the motor.
That being said, there are some situations where an 11.1 of sufficient amperage simply won't FIT in a battery compartment, in which case you can use a larger capacity and discharge 7.4v and potentially get more performance than you would with the smaller 11.1

So if your choice is an 11.1 20c 1000mah or 7.4 45c 1500mah, you could potentially get better trigger response from the 7.4 with the right setup.

Put simply; you need to be 1/3 faster with your setup to make up for having 1/3 less voltage. Trading amperage for speed.
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