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Tactics for a TDM Skirmish and application to most Airsoft Games


Tactics, Techniques and Procedures

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Tactics for a TDM Skirmish and application to most Airsoft Games

1. Once the game starts dont bother shooting, your bullets wont hit the opposition even if you aim, you wont have the range, (unless your field is your backyard in which its just stupid to even read this) a standard field will keep both spawn points a good distance away from one another, if the enemy spawn point is visible or you have played the map before, choose somewhere with good cover to run to that is midway between you and your enemies base. if it is too far for you to run, dip in the closest good cover you can find, dont find two barrels to hide behind because you wont have any room to move around to. Sprinting to this point in the beginning of the game would be highly recommended. this allows allow your team to move up with much more ease for those who are slower and carry more gear. (fast players who are more lightweight with a high ROF gun should do the sprinting)

2. the main objective is to kill all the enemy but also to cover as much ground as possible, the more ground you cover, the less ground the enemy has to retreat to therefore you corner press them into a bottleneck allowing a swift victory for your team. This also gives you more ground to retreat to if you are being pinned down. Usually this wont happen because you would have pressed them hard enough that they would already be cornered.

3. Always try to cross fire, cover your team that is advancing from the left if you are on the right, or vice versa. This proves especially useful when the enemy has your teammates that is in front of them pinned down and therefore exposing themselves to you, giving you a quick easy kill.

4. Try to always move with a buddy, they can always help you in all sorts of situations. If you are using the same style weapon such as an m4 or m16, you both can share mags. also you have someone covering your back preventing those sneaky bastards from coming up behind you and nailing you in the ass.

5. Always keep your body frame to a minimal, tucked in enough for you to move freely but preventing the enemy from hitting you easily as now you are smaller and therefore harder to hit from a distance.

6. When wondering where the enemy is, don't stick your head out to look this gives good opportunity for someone to shoot you right in the face. Always point your gun to the direction you are looking at. This allows you to shoot on sight and gives u a lower chance of being hit, due to the fact you have a weapon and present a higher threat instead of exposing your whole face where you are completely vulnerable to anything. This also allows you to fire a few rounds off in the direction you believe the enemy is in giving you time to move back to cover.

7. If your field is in something like a square shape, use a grid such as ABC123 <-- (this is for a small field, larger fields require more rows and columns.)

If facing the enemy from your spawn point at one end of the map, A would be your left and C would be your right, B would be the column in which u are standing, 1 would be the row you are standing in and 3 would be where the enemy is standing in, and 2 would be the center row. so B2 would be the absolute center, Make sure your you and your team know the grid system because it allows you to call out enemy positions which can prove vital in a skirmish. this prevents the enemy team from knowing what the hell you and your team are talking about. Even if you do have radios, it still works

If anyone has anything to add please let me know and ill add it in

Note: These are Tactics i have used in my 4 years of airsofting.
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