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MP5 Flexing between receiver and barrel/gas tube


Doctor's Corner

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Old August 10th, 2021, 08:48   #1
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MP5 Flexing between receiver and barrel/gas tube

I purchased a G&G TGM A3 ETU MP5 with the retractable stock. The battery goes in the front handguard where there is limited space. I was frustrated with how difficult it is to reinstall the handguard so I put a PTS EPEF2 Vertical Grip on it to store the battery and drilled a hole in the handguard to run the wires.

The vertical grip creates extra leverage and if I pull on the grip the barrel flexes downward and if I push on the grip slightly upward. With the factory handguard the flex was not noticeable. With the vertical grip the muzzle moves about 1/3 of an inch.

It was recommended to JB Weld the joint between the gas tube and the receiver which would likely work as there is a small gap between them when the barrel flexes down.

Are there any other methods to stiffen up the joint between the barrel / gas tube and receiver that less permenant solutions?
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Old January 18th, 2023, 12:59   #2
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Cure that wobble

Sometimes high density, thinly sliced foam or plumbers Teflon tape, electricians tape can be applied to loose fittings. Be careful not to lay it on too think, just enough to fill the slop or you make break pieces or strip out screw threads trying to overtighten and sandwich the areas

In some cases you can make shims out of old plastic discount shopping cards or tin

I wouldn't glue it unless it's an abs or pot metal break on something because disassembling will become a big problem
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Old January 19th, 2023, 07:18   #3
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If you want a very not permanent solution and only metal is involved... Hot glue. It will dry in place and since hot glue doesn't stick to non porous material it will make a nice shim that can easily be removed. Won't hold forever, but its nice for a proof of concept thing. If the slop is gone then you will get the exact shim dimensions you need in the hot glue blob. Might even hold up for a while.
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